Finding Comfort in The Outdoors

Hi Friend,

My name is Marina the face behind Noas Moohd. My journey started during a pretty scary time in my life.

A couple of years ago life threw me a bit of a curveball. I suddenly didn't feel like myself and had multiple symptoms that made it difficult to do the most basic of tasks. I was basically stuck in bed for what felt like forever (six months to be exact). During this tough time I noticed my mental state was going downhill which just added to the bad luck that I was having. I realized that I had to do something about it.

So after many weeks and months of being cooped up in my house, I made an effort to get out, clear my mind and get my body moving. I began with these little morning walks in the local hills near my house. It might sound simple but being out there observing and taking in all of nature's beauty (the images and sounds of swaying trees, chirping birds, and flowing creeks) gave me a sense of hope and peace that I had not felt in months.

Every day was a new beginning and I appreciated life and nature's beauty more than ever.

My Motivation

After noticing my mental health improving, I was curious to understand why and how I was experiencing these positive effects. I wasn't doing anything groundbreaking or even going to therapy, I was simply taking 20-30 minute walks everyday at my local park. Looking closer into it, I ran into a long list of benefits that nature can provide us if we only let it. It can help us heal, make us happier, and reduce stress and anxiety among other things. 

Going through this experience inspired me to share my love for nature and its beautiful effects on our minds, through hand drawn designs that can be incorporated in our everyday lives. They serve as visual reminders of the bigger whole that we are all a part of. 

  • Inspire others to go outside, if just for a brief moment, be present, and take a mental break.

  • Bring the outdoors into everyday life.

  • And combine fun nature inspired designs with classic outerwear pieces.